In the Hearth of Tuscany

Welcome to La valle a Polvereto Since 1988 Country Holiday Home.

In the southern of Florence direction Siena ( Hearth of Tuscany) a majestic farmhouse rises on a hill at the crossing of the valley: la valle a Polvereto.

Full integrated in the rural surroundings the restoration of this characteristic accommodation was completed in 2004,resulting in a hill

of 410 m2 including several terraces.

On top of the this hill you find a charming holiday home supplied with all the necessary requirements. There is absolute privacy, without being


It offers a beautiful view many be enjoyed from chianti vineyards.

La valle a Polvereto is for rent for real connoisseurs (concerning the surroundings as well the famous wines of the region).

You are invited to walk through our private vineyards. 

4 seasons means 4 reasons to come to La valle a Polvereto