About us

La Valle a Polvereto

We arrived at la Valle in 1987, we fell in love with the countryside and bought the first part ofthe hamlet with all the surrounding land, we were young and full of enthusiasm and it is here that our two daughters Daniela and Jessica were born. 

Over the years we have managed to re-unite all the hamlet and after 16 years of re-building have decided to open for hospitality, we have tried to do our best to make you feel at home, but there is still plenty to do, there are vineyards which we have started to replace, the old ones are obsolete, we need to build a wine cellar to house the wine we produce and lastly we need to re-build the chicken houses so that finally we will be able to sample our own produce.

While our daughters were growing we created around us a natural garden with whole collections of roses, clematis, lavender and sage.

Willingly we became pupils of the famous  landscaper Penelope Hobhouse, or at least we are trying, to rise early with the sound of the swallows, admire the flight of the hot air balloons which pass over the valley, smell the perfume of the newly flowered roses, and in our free time snooze around the pool side with a good book or a do it yourself catalogue, because what you see is mostly due to our own efforts.

Our origins are not from old Tuscan or noble families, and we had no roots before we arrived at La Valle and we did not receive a warm welcome from the local Tuscans.

We are a couple who met at a fair, struck by cupid we looked for our nest, our chicks were born and have now started to fly from the nest with their own wings, we are happy to welcome families with chicks from all over the world.


I had a marvelous week here. I read, relaxed, let my mind run sideways as I floated in the pool. Took hikes through the vineyards and prepared gorgeous fresh meals in the evening. Read books and reconnected with time surrounded by the beauty of the valley and it's surrounding hills. One of the most peaceful weeks I have ever spent.

Sue Parrie Mehl

Posto stupendo,specialmente il panorama e x chi ama la campagna è l'ideale fermarsi come prima tappa x poi ritornarci,il personale molto disponibile.. consigliatissimo.

Salvatore Lampitelli

Posto stupendo,specialmente il panorama e x chi ama la campagna è l'ideale fermarsi come prima tappa x poi ritornarci, il personale molto disponibile.. consigliatissimo.”

Monica Paese